Friday, May 11, 2012

Crazy Day!

Today was a tough one for me, hence the lack of interesting photos.  This new diet/change, plus a windfall of problems to solve and issues to resolve with work - Ive felt like Im about to explode all day. Thankfully, I ate a really good breakfast and lunch.  I think I have something like 800 calories left for the rest of the day.  Ive been using - and its great.  Very easy to use too.   Last night, as soon as I got home from work, I walked around my block twice.  Now, my block isnt your average block - its a huge loop and it has plenty of strenuous uphill parts, as well as several cool/down downhill parts.  I did that twice, Im figuring its a half a mile, maybe 3/4mi if you go around twice.  Ill make sure next time to find out for sure.  My calves burned, I got red and flush and I huffed and puffed a bit, here and there.  But it felt good.  My calves are a little sore today.  Today, same thing, and then followed up with some good stretching.

Nothing too interesting going on here today.  The pollen count is a bit high, so my head feels like a bowling ball and Im sneezing up a storm.  I got a new chair for the dressing room.  Thats exciting, right? ;)
You know, to put your purse on, or have your little one sit and wait with you.  It made me excited to buy it, from a local antique shop for $14.  Woo!

And todays outfit, an epic fail.  I have these go-to boots.  They are black leather riding boots - Bandolino, Circa 2010.  They are falling apart and starting to do the slouch thing, even though they arent supposed to.  I suppose I could retire them but I may take them to the cobbler to get a second life.  I mean, they cost freakin $230 - they better last more than a year and a half! - Anyway, no shots of them today... those photos didnt come out well.  I need to study Lauryn and how she models so pretty.  I suck at it.

Oh look!  The new chair!

Me, sitting in the chair (why do I feel like this looks like a school photo?)

I think Im just trying to make the best of my crazy week from hell...

50s Aztec Printed Cotton Shirtwaist Dress - Estate sale in Newburyport last summer (its faded to crap on one side - you can kind of see it on my left hip, but I dont care, its comfy and cute!)
Black Cardigan - I have no idea.  Ive literally had that thing since college.
Lipstick - MAC Girl About Town (my go-to color when Im wearing drab colors)

Thank you JANE of Jane Button Photography for taking some photos of me today!


  1. you are adorable - especially when sitting in an antique chair! love it!!!

  2. Hang in there Dana. You can do it! Just think of all the lovely clothes you'll be able to keep for yourself!