Saturday, April 2, 2011

Meet Kaley!

In case you havent already noticed, we have been using a lovely girl as our model lately.  Kaley.  We love Kaley because her look is adorable and sweet.  She is able to hop right into any era of clothing and fits right in perfectly with each look.  She is a natural in front of the camera too!  (as well as behind!).  Kaley is not only a fantastic model, but a great friend.  We have a ball every Wednesday at our photo shoots.  Kaley hails from Dover, New Hampshire.  And has been made a bit of a local celebrity as of recently because of her creative and adorable headbands she sells on Etsy, Honeypie Headbands.  Most notably, Kaley has been making headbands to benefit the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Relief - and 100% of the proceeds donated!  She has been quite successful with this and has donated over $200 to date.  What a gal!

Kaley has also recently been vlogging and making the most adorable videos.  If you want to giggle and melt over her total cuteness, check out her YouTube Channel - KaleyAlphabet
Here is a taste (no pun intended) of her latest video!

So check out her Etsy shop, watch her videos, like her page on Facebook and take in all of the adorable cuteness!  We LOVE Kaley!

Here are some more of my favorite KALEY shots!