Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Year in Vintage

I know its been a LONG time since Ive last blogged.  Shame on me :(

But Im back, and one of my many new year resolutions is to to blog away like crazy in 2012.  Photos, interviews and even videos!  So stay tuned!

Today I thought about the last year and all of the amazing pieces of vintage I have had the honor of coming into - and offering to you lovely people.  Well - without further adieu - my top TEN most favorite vintage pieces from 2011.

Number 10
1940s Moss Green Wool Green 2pc Skirt Set - it was in pristine condition when I found it, which is rare of a piece of this age - and wool.  This lovely outfit went to Finland!

Number 9
Probably the hottest pair of jeans I have ever seen.  SO hot, that the model's boyfriend ended up buying them for her.

Number 8
This is by far one of the most amazing coats - 60s bright coral red suede - totally Sgt. Pepper! - This went home with one of my most favorite customers!

Number 7
Talk about sexy!  This 40s draped rayon piece is beyond words! 

Number 6
Such a sweet wedding dress - crepe chiffon from the 30s.  Who needs poof and beading when you have this classy piece?

Number 5
Probably one of the most lovely things I have ever come into - and thats because I have a photo of the original bride wearing it.  Pristine in every way - this gorgeous thing went to CA for a young lady to wear for her wedding.

Number 4
At first glance, I thought I was purchasing a peignoir set from the 30s - but as I put it on the dress form, I realized that it wasnt meant to sleep in - but meant to STOP SHOWS!  This showstopper not only had a very unique color, but look at those sleeves!

Number 3
When I come into amazing pieces, I nearly die.  And this piece is a prime example of just that.  It came to me in two pieces (bodice separated from the skirt) but I had it expertly brought back together.  It was found in a trunk of a vacation home, nestled away on the coast of main.  And its still available - you can see more of it here.

Number 2
A lot of cocktail dresses look the same - even vintage.  But this one is not like the rest, and its the reason I love it so much.  Another unique beauty thats still available - you can see more of it here.

Number 1
Of course, I would pick this one, right?  Who wouldnt?! - 1930s Rayon Satin.  Um hello?! - The coat is not only dramatic with the leg-o-mutton sleeves, but the train - a whopping TWELVE feet from the shoulder! And the dress alone, is just as jaw-dropping.  If this dress doesnt make you feel like the most glamorous girl in the world, I dont know what will!  And yes, its still available, at a fraction of the price that most modern dresses go fore these days! - More here...

Happy New Year! 
Here's to another year filled with vintage goodness!