Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We have MOVED!!!

Well, not the shop - but the BLOG has!

Come follow us over at the Concetta's Closet on Wordpress Blog  Its a whole new look for me and there will be plenty more posts about the challenge, vintage and everything else I gab about!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

And so it starts!

Actual SIGNS of weight loss! - I opted not to go for the number I see on the scale, but for the number that my tape measure, measures around my waist/bust and hips.

I started out with these measurements on May 10th (exactly 2wks ago)

Height 5'7"
Bust 46" (wearing a 40DDD bra)
Waist 36.5"
Hips 45

And my measurements now:
Bust 45"
Waist 35"
Hips 45"

And while Im glad Im losing inches, Im even more glad Im not losing them so much in the hips - Id like to keep some of that curve (for those of you who dont know, I lack in the BEHIND department!)

I knew something was up - I knew I had lost some weight/inches - when I tried on a dress I had purchased from Etsy, which measurements were mine exactly - and it was a bit big!

I woke up this morning, a bit annoyed because most of my pretty dresses were at the dry cleaner - and the rest...I just wasnt in the mood to wear.  I stood in front of my closet wearing a white slip, annoyed.  But then I realized I had a black wrap dress, that Ive had for --- AGES! -- I took it off the hanger and tried it on.  Sure, it fit.  I could tie it. The arms were fine...but I was afraid to look in the mirror at the bulges that were there.  This dress is rayon jersey, and quite form fitting.  I was afraid!  I went downstairs and looked in the mirror and said - hell, it isnt so bad!  

Here is a photo of me wearing the exact same dress, in 2004.  I was about 150lbs here, and wearing a size 8/10.  Mind you, the dress is marked, "medium"

My hair was blonde, yes.  I was really tan, yes.  And I was showing cleavage!  YES!

That was taken 8yrs ago, when I was 28.  Im 36 now and I feel a little weird about showing that much boob.  So I wore a scarf over my neck today.  Plus, Im a little bustier now, and they are a bit more exposed.  But otherwise, the dress looks great!  What do you think?!  I havent been able to wear it for years!

Who would have thought, 2-3-4 days a week of working out (in this case, hiking) and watching what I eat, would show such results! - While this may not be a lot to some people, its monumental to me.  Its really not that hard, either!  This is now, just even more incentive for me to keep at it and work harder.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Love New Dresses

Do you love a new dress?  I do.  Especially when they arrive in the mail - its like your birthday!  What even better - when they fit perfectly.

I scored this sweet little 40s number a few weeks ago on Etsy at Vintage Curve, at a KILLER price.  It fits like a dream, with wiggle room too.  The fabric?  Hmm, feels like a very sheer rayon, but maybe even a treated cotton?  Its SO lightweight - and perfect for hot/humid days like today.  Only problem - I dont own a navy blue slip so I had to settle for a white one until I get my hands on a navy one.

Yes, I know the scarf in my hair doesnt match - thats the point ;)

I love the print - Forget Me Nots? - This dress is sure going to get some good wearing by me!

1940s Dress - Vintage Curve on Etsy
Polka Dot Ballet Flats - Geez, I cant remember!
Hair Scarf - Borrowed from the Shop

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Don't Panic!

Im doing a double header today because I missed Wednesdays blog post (posted today).

Tonight - Date Night.  The old man took me out to dinner, like every man should take his wife to every once in a while.  I wanted to go somewhere fancy, so I could wear my cutest dresses and heels.  He wanted somewhere local and easy.  He promised to take me to a restaurant Ive been dying to go to for some time now, Blue Moon Evolution, next weekend.  Oh, OK.  I suppose...

We opted for his fav - Orient Pearl in Epping.  Its 10min from our house and its an Asian bistro (that means, chinese, japanese and a mixture of some other Asian menus, I guess?).  Being bit of a sushi snob (hey!  I lived in NYC and SF...some of the best sushi in the US!) I was a bit hesitant of trying it out last year - but its not bad, for NH.  I actually like it.  And the old man...loves it.  Mostly because they have a ton of mixed tiki style Asian drinks.  He only has one because they're quite strong.  I opted for a Sapporo.  Who would have thought, the tough manly man would get the fruity girly drink - and me, the girly girl - the beer.  Hmmph.

The drink menu is the best part of this place, its a bit...shall I say, odd?  Just check out the Zombie drink description.  I guess you take your chances with that one?  I mean, who doesnt like "inspirational and delightful"? - The old man opted for the "Suffering Bastard" - how appropriate, right? ;)

We ordered a few different dishes, I wanted to stay healthy so I got a sushi roll that was called "Pink Enticement" - take that however you wish.  *insert smirky grin* .  I also ordered these lettuce rolls with shrimp.  They are in one word - AMAZING.

We saw a co-worked of the Old Mans and had some conversation with him and his wife - about their retirement and move to Uruguay in a few months.  Im jealous.

We had a lovely meal, finished up by of course, the fortune cookie.  I always smash mine in the wrapper and then eat it...  Here is my fortune.  VERY fitting, I must say.  (and if you know me, you KNOW what I mean)

And lastly, dont ever ask your old man to take a photo of you...because well, they usually suck at it.  I felt it was very fitting for me to wear my Hawaiian/Polynesian/Asian caftan.  I was right because, the waiter said to me when he approached our table (said in an Asian accent), "Oh!  I like your dress!  What is that?  Very booty-ful!" - I said, THANK YOU!  I thought it would be appropriate! ;)

Please excuse the flipflops, this was taken before we left and I was searching for my espadrilles.

And lastly,a quick shot of the old man...  his words as I snapped this were, "This is lame" - Hes so not into blogging/internet/etc.  

This is him "dressed up" - HA!

1970s Hawaiian Caftan - found at a yard sale down the street from my house two summers ago
Earrings - Gift from my mother-in-law

Secret Trails and Abandoned Cars

You must forgive me.  Ive been slacking with the daily blogging and picture taking.  This concept is very new to me still so Im trying to use the best time management skills I have in order to keep up with the challenge.  Its tough.  So please, forgive me?

Sadly, I didnt get any photos from Wednesday of myself, only the kickass trail we found in our neighborhood.  Do you know how awesome it is that there is as series of trails in the woods (most likely ATV/Dirtbike trails) that go for miles?!  My husband and I decided to check them out, we heard about them from a neighbor.  We went up hills, down hills, almost stepped in horse poop, saw clearings with swamps and abandoned 1930s cars.  Yes, 1930s cars in the middle of the woods.  WEIRD!  Here is a photo:

The husband checking it out....

So random, right?  So we kept walking.  I found out that if I was walking uphill, that I needed to keep my momentum - walking is harder! - so I actually jogged uphill - and I loved it!

Then, we came across a bit of a dead end, of sorts.  The trail kept going but sadly, the 2 feet of water stopped us.

And this is right before the big big BIG uphill climb...

Todays measurements: (Im a few days late, sorry!)
While I havent lost any inches or weight, Im feeling better.  Ive cut out a lot of the foods that were making me feel sluggish, Ive switched from Splenda in my coffee to Agave.  And I only use a splash of 2% milk.. 
Next feat:  Becoming GF.  Eeek!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Giving Back

Ive always felt like I was born in the wrong era.  But not because I love vintage clothing so much.  Mostly because I relate more with the people of the past.  Their hardworking, no fuss attitudes - The independent nature of the way they lived.  Not to mention, the absolute glamour the people from say, the 1920s and 1930s had.  I bet they didnt know how amazingly glamorous they really were.

I was contacted a few weeks ago by the HR department from Warde Heath Center in Windham NH.  I was asked if I would like to participate in a vintage fashion show - for their residents.  They have roughly 28 people that are residents of this Catholic home.  Its on beautiful grounds, with a famous castle, too.

Of course, I accepted the offer to do the show.  It would be an honor!  -  What other way to give back, than to put on a show for the people who wore and loved the fashions I sell and collect?!   I asked a handful of ladies to participate - and of course I got a great response.  We booked it.

Here are some photos from the show - I cant show too many that have any of the residents faces, otherwise Ill need a photo release.  But here are the highlights...

Jane, wearing a 50s black lace party dress - like it was made for her!

Janell and Lauryn - looking perfect!

In the waiting room - getting ready to head out!

All of us (L to R: Jane, Janell, Myself, Lauryn, Nermina, Ashley, Alexa)

Jane and I after the show..

A close up of the neckline of my dress..

My outfit:
40s Dress - Brimfield Antique Show a few years ago
50s Pearls - No idea, but theyre vintage
30s Topper Hat - Borrowed from the shop
Modern T-Strap Heels - Macys, on clearance a few years ago

Lauryn's Outfit:
1960s Blush Organza wedding dress - borrowed from the shop!

Jane's Outfit:
1950s Black Lace Party Dress - borrowed from the shop!
1960s Black Leather Shoes - passed down from her grandmother!
1950s Beret - borrowed from the shop!

Janell's Outfit:
1940s Striped Taffeta Party Dress - Borrowed from Lauryn! ;)
Snood - she made it herself.

Alexa's Outfit:
1960s Wiggle Dress - Purchased from the shop!
Hat - her own
shoes - her own

Nermina's Outfit:
1970s Bright Maxi Dress - Purchased from the shop!
Shoes - her own
Hat - borrowed from the shop!

Ashley's Outfit:
1960s Silk Sheath Dress - purchased from the shop!
Shoes - her own
Hat - borrowed from the shop!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Busy Busy.....BUSY!

Its been a hectic week, which is OK with me - because last week was a hellish week.  Ill take busy over hellish any day.

Ive also been so busy, that Ive been slacking on working out.  I need to get back into the swing of things, SOON.  Ive lost momentum and Im scared I wont be able to get it back.

Ok - so tomorrow I will be measuring in - I doubt I lost any inches, or even a centimeter, but at least I got myself warmed up for the World War III Im about to impose on my body.  *shudder*

Today, I measured my butt off.  I wish measuring burned calories.  I did stand on my feet for most of the day - so maybe 10 calories or so were burned.  A healthy lunch and breakfast...and dinner too!  Whole wheat angel hair pasta with black olives, sauteed spinach and roasted red peppers - and an insane amount of garlic.

So, here I am.  Measuring up a storm

and..the infamous Bandolino boots that I need to retire..

Ive been wearing little to no makeup lately, kind of giving my skin a break..not so bad for 36, huh?

So thats it for today.  Tomorrow is going to be just as busy, as Im grabbing a few lovely ladies and heading to a nursing home, to provide the residents with some vintage fashions for them to reminisce over.  Photos of that tomorrow!

Floral Tunic - Thrifted
Leggings - American Eagle
Boots - Bandolino
Necklace - Tiffany, gift from my husband
Eyeglass Frames - Ellen Tracy (Ive had them for YEARS!)