Saturday, May 19, 2012

Secret Trails and Abandoned Cars

You must forgive me.  Ive been slacking with the daily blogging and picture taking.  This concept is very new to me still so Im trying to use the best time management skills I have in order to keep up with the challenge.  Its tough.  So please, forgive me?

Sadly, I didnt get any photos from Wednesday of myself, only the kickass trail we found in our neighborhood.  Do you know how awesome it is that there is as series of trails in the woods (most likely ATV/Dirtbike trails) that go for miles?!  My husband and I decided to check them out, we heard about them from a neighbor.  We went up hills, down hills, almost stepped in horse poop, saw clearings with swamps and abandoned 1930s cars.  Yes, 1930s cars in the middle of the woods.  WEIRD!  Here is a photo:

The husband checking it out....

So random, right?  So we kept walking.  I found out that if I was walking uphill, that I needed to keep my momentum - walking is harder! - so I actually jogged uphill - and I loved it!

Then, we came across a bit of a dead end, of sorts.  The trail kept going but sadly, the 2 feet of water stopped us.

And this is right before the big big BIG uphill climb...

Todays measurements: (Im a few days late, sorry!)
While I havent lost any inches or weight, Im feeling better.  Ive cut out a lot of the foods that were making me feel sluggish, Ive switched from Splenda in my coffee to Agave.  And I only use a splash of 2% milk.. 
Next feat:  Becoming GF.  Eeek!


  1. What an awesome hike! And agave sounds lots better than splenda... out of curiosity, why are you switching to GF?

  2. Hi Frances - Im switching to GF because of all of the horrible things Ive been reading lately about wheat - and basically how its really not "wheat" anymore. Its so genetically modified - here is a good book I plan on getting soon -

  3. I had to go GF because (as it turns out) what I thought was arthritis was an allergy to gluten. It's not as hard as it sounds! There are some decent substitutes out there, though I've found when it doubt, it's just best to avoid any "baked" goods ;)