Saturday, May 19, 2012

Don't Panic!

Im doing a double header today because I missed Wednesdays blog post (posted today).

Tonight - Date Night.  The old man took me out to dinner, like every man should take his wife to every once in a while.  I wanted to go somewhere fancy, so I could wear my cutest dresses and heels.  He wanted somewhere local and easy.  He promised to take me to a restaurant Ive been dying to go to for some time now, Blue Moon Evolution, next weekend.  Oh, OK.  I suppose...

We opted for his fav - Orient Pearl in Epping.  Its 10min from our house and its an Asian bistro (that means, chinese, japanese and a mixture of some other Asian menus, I guess?).  Being bit of a sushi snob (hey!  I lived in NYC and SF...some of the best sushi in the US!) I was a bit hesitant of trying it out last year - but its not bad, for NH.  I actually like it.  And the old man...loves it.  Mostly because they have a ton of mixed tiki style Asian drinks.  He only has one because they're quite strong.  I opted for a Sapporo.  Who would have thought, the tough manly man would get the fruity girly drink - and me, the girly girl - the beer.  Hmmph.

The drink menu is the best part of this place, its a bit...shall I say, odd?  Just check out the Zombie drink description.  I guess you take your chances with that one?  I mean, who doesnt like "inspirational and delightful"? - The old man opted for the "Suffering Bastard" - how appropriate, right? ;)

We ordered a few different dishes, I wanted to stay healthy so I got a sushi roll that was called "Pink Enticement" - take that however you wish.  *insert smirky grin* .  I also ordered these lettuce rolls with shrimp.  They are in one word - AMAZING.

We saw a co-worked of the Old Mans and had some conversation with him and his wife - about their retirement and move to Uruguay in a few months.  Im jealous.

We had a lovely meal, finished up by of course, the fortune cookie.  I always smash mine in the wrapper and then eat it...  Here is my fortune.  VERY fitting, I must say.  (and if you know me, you KNOW what I mean)

And lastly, dont ever ask your old man to take a photo of you...because well, they usually suck at it.  I felt it was very fitting for me to wear my Hawaiian/Polynesian/Asian caftan.  I was right because, the waiter said to me when he approached our table (said in an Asian accent), "Oh!  I like your dress!  What is that?  Very booty-ful!" - I said, THANK YOU!  I thought it would be appropriate! ;)

Please excuse the flipflops, this was taken before we left and I was searching for my espadrilles.

And lastly,a quick shot of the old man...  his words as I snapped this were, "This is lame" - Hes so not into blogging/internet/etc.  

This is him "dressed up" - HA!

1970s Hawaiian Caftan - found at a yard sale down the street from my house two summers ago
Earrings - Gift from my mother-in-law

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