Saturday, May 7, 2011

TV Elegance: The Clothes That Inspired Mad Men

Everyone is talking about how AMC’s Mad Men is inspiring a modern revival of the stunning clothes Jackie O wore in the 1960’s.  Clothing websites like Mod Cloth are featuring look-a-like dresses, but what about the real stuff?  Reproductions are okay, but what about finding the clothes that real women wore back in the 60s.  You know what I mean, the gorgeous clothes that inspired the costume designers for Mad Men.  It isn't  impossible to find authentic pieces, and it's definitely easier than you think!   

Check out these two gorgeous dresses from Mad Men.  Then check out Concetta's Closet suit underneath!  This totally cute, three piece suit is in excellent condition and provides all the hip hugging glory a woman could want.  What I love most is the adorable ascot tie at the neck.  

Want more?  Of course you do!  Once again, Mad Men does 1960s fashion proud with two dresses that emphasize a lady's curves to perfection, the characteristic that I love most!  But, what do I love more?  Having real vintage to prove that these styles were what women actually wore.  Concetta's Closet's hot pink number below is the perfect example of a real dress, that a real woman wore.  It has similar draping that you see in the green dress but the lovely color of the pink dress- always an excellent combination!  

Simple elegance at its finest, and authentic vintage at its purest!  What more could a girl ask for?  Authentic fashion of the 60s is always a classic addition to any wardrobe.  And don't get me wrong, its perfectly fine to order some reproduction vintage inspired clothes, but think about this..these vintage clothes have already lasted for over half a century and they still remain in excellent condition, and they will continue to remain so.  So I thank Mad Men for introducing the world to beautiful 1960s fashion, but lets take the next step and buy ourselves authentic vintage, cause it's that easy and that beautiful!   

The Intern

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