Wednesday, May 25, 2011


These days, I feel we live in a disposable world.  We buy cheap stuff and throw it out when we are done - only to land in a landfill or pollute the Earth.  Many years ago, people bought good stuff, and kept it because it was good stuff.  Even if they couldnt afford the real good stuff, they still bought quality things because they appreciated them.  In the recent years, I have manged to buy quite a few quality things for myself.  Whether it be a dress, a coat, good jewelry and even good quality makeup. 

Ive also manged to do something to further the buying/selling of vintage clothing.  I call it, FUTURE VINTAGE! (well, I didnt actually name it that, my friend Alison did - but its something Ive been doing - so I thank her for putting a title on it!).  I take between 5-8 pieces a year from my wardrobe of modern clothing, and neatly pack it away into a box or in a garment bag to save for the future.  Not MY future, but the future of vintage clothing wearers.  What do I put into these boxes/bags you ask?  Lets see, from what I can recall, there is currently a blue chiffon party dress (I wore to a wedding), a gold brocade sheath dress (I wore to my bridal shower), a coral beaded 30s inspired formal dress (another wedding), my OWN wedding dress (LaSposa - Miradir!), a great pair of black low-slung cargo pants that looked KILLER on me in 2002 (H&M) and a bunch of other things.  

So what should you put away for your FUTURE VINTAGE stash?  Trendy items:  Items that defined the era, that were popular and that will be remembered.  Luxury Items:  Perhaps youve outgrown it but dont want to donate it because its expensive.  And anything else you think will be a HIT in the future.  But dont get your hopes up, this stash will not making a comeback anytime soon.  We apparently coin vintage as anything being over 20 years old - but that doesnt mean it will be popular!  God knows I am cringing seeing all that 90s vintage on Etsy!  Happy Future Vintage Stashing!

Here are a few pieces that are currently in my future vintage stash!

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