Monday, February 21, 2011

Thirty-Five Years of Me - SALE!

Tomorrow is the day!  While Im not super excited about turning 35, Im not really upset about it either.  My 30s have been fabulous!  WAY better than my 20s when everything was crazy and all over the place.

So in light of this milestone, I am offering all of my customers, both online and in the shop - 35% off any item!  Thats a HUGE deal!  Just use COUPON CODE:  BIRTHDAY35 on Etsy - and in the shop, discounts will be taken at the register! (also, 50% off all coats in the shop too!!)

Here are some photos of me from when I was a kid...into my teens...and in my 20s.  Some good vintage to be seen!

 I think I was about 5 or 6 here, my parents had bought me this gold lame bikini while in Brazil.

I think this outfit is now in the hipster handbook - I was about 6 or 7 here as well.

Same boots from above, but this coat, I cant remember really but it was like little cottonballs!

Freshman year in high school.  I was getting extra credit for being a figure model after school because I had such bad grades and my Art Teacher didnt want me to flunk out!

Yes, I was one of THOSE girls in high school.

Sophomore Year - a vintage dress!
South Beach - Miami - I think 1998? - Only i could get away with wearing a string bikini top and dress pants!

1999 - Damn, I wish I still had those legs!!!

Don't forget!  TONIGHT! 12am til 11:59pm Tuesday night! - 35% off - Coupon Code: BIRTHDAY35

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