Sunday, February 27, 2011

Classic vs. Trendy

Classic vs. Trendy has always been a battle of sorts.  A classic black dress with clean lines that sits right below the knee - which you cant tell, is it 1950s or is it modern? Or an 80s super structured style with cutouts, that became popular after a celebrity wore it or it was seen on a TV show - or is it 60s?

Ive always been a fan of clothing that transcends time.  Clothing that defines each era as well.  There are so many piece in my wardrobe and in the shop that some of my customers can tell whether or not if they are modern or vintage.  Kate Spade is one of my favorite modern designers - she designs gorgeous classic shapes with modern twists and lovely colors - Here are a few modern dresses from Kate Spade that could easily be mistaken for vintage:


And as we all know - vintage style has become trendy in the last few years.  With celebrities reaching back into time and wearing vintage designer gowns to award shows - the trend has become all the rage.  I pride myself in not only being a vintage seller that wears vintage but appreciates the clothes not just for styles - but because its a passion of mine - I love the history, I love knowing that someones memory gets to live on after they have passed - and that a young lady is wearing their lovely threads with complete joy.  

Many vintage sellers are riding on the coattails of the trend - which happens with all things trendy.  I can only offer this piece of advice to those:  Its not all about the money.  If you have a passion for it, educate yourself, learn all you can and respect the era's gone by.

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