Friday, July 23, 2010

What's Vintage to You?

I never understood the snobbery or the seriousness behind people who sell and wear vintage clothing.  I think beauty (and in this case, vintage clothing) is in the eye of the beholder.   Who is to say a  dress from 1983 isn't vintage?  To an 17yr old, it is!  To me, not so much because I grew up in the 80s and the clothing doesnt appeal to me.  But I dont sell vintage clothing to myself...I hear what people want, and I find it!  I remember while in high school, myself and many of my friends wore vintage 1970s bell bottoms and hippie dresses - my mother would cringe at the sight of the clothes I would buy at flea markets in NYC.  Now I can relate!  My least favorite era?  1940s.  Boring, drab, greys/blues.  Sure, some of the dresses have nice shapes to them - but everyday wear to me - blah.  I tend to be more attracted to the styles of the late 60s and early 70s - perhaps its because I love Pop and Abstract Art, the artists who emerged during that time - and the music too!  To me, wearing vintage clothing is not a style (like being preppy or goth) - its just love for clothes that are no longer around - whether it be 40s, 50s, 60s or whatever. My favorite thing to do, is to pair vintage with modern.  For instance, a cute pair of modern jeans with an adorable little 1950s top and a pair of vintage stilettos.  I never wear ALL vintage - to me, thats too costume-y.  I know many vintage "people" who look the part, everyday of their life.  Not for me.  I usually wait to Halloween for that sort of thing.  But, to each their own!  Wear what you like, and as long as you love it - that's all that matters!  And never, EVER - take vintage clothing too seriously.  After all, its just clothes! Here are a few of my favorite items that are currently for sale in my shop (and some NOT in my shop just yet!)

60s MOD baby blue dress

60s Serbin MOD shift dress

70s Rag Dolls of SF Hippie Dress

70s Christian Dior nylon & lace Nightgown/Robe set


  1. that nightgown is incredible

  2. I'm totally with you on the "eye of beholder" bit. I buy and sell (and often keep) vintage that I think is cute. Though I do have my preferential decades and styles (I love 40s swing dress and 50s/60s wiggle dresses), CUTE is the word and the aesthetic that I let dictate my purchasing.

  3. To each their own. What feels costumey to one person, is another person's natural state! I can't pull off vintage mixed with modern. I look like I'm trying to be hip, when I'm so totally not!

    However, I'm totally going to take issue with the brush of of the 40's - I think that's the first time I've ever heard 1940's described as "drab!"

    If you love bright, vibrant colors in unusual combinations, lady, the 40's is the spot! My favorite dress is emerald green, black, violet purple, mustard yellow, funny orange brown and white. In a wild floral print with huge bows printed around the hem. Huge, wild and remarkable hats in every shade! We sometimes think of the 40's as dull because we view the movies in black and white, but let me tell you lady, there was more color during the war years than any period for another 20-25 years to come!

    Happy selling!

  4. Fab Gabs - I've never coined myself as a fashion expert, but what I have seen come MY way from the 1930s/40s has been heavy, dark and drab. And whatever I find from 1960 - 1980 has been a rainbow of colors. We all have our style and preference. To each their own :)

  5. Chelsee - Your clothing is for sure - CUTE! So dainty and pretty - love it! Did you happen to check out the tag sale in Wilmington over the weekend?