Saturday, July 10, 2010

Funk, Fashion, and some Burlesque thrown in!

I have been lucky enough to have been given the honor of working with the lovely peeps over at TVP Records and WXGR in Portsmouth.  They throw weekly and monthly parties here on the NH Seacoast, one of which is called Flush: Funk & Fashion.  Concetta's Closet did their first Funk & Fashion Show last week at the Gaslight in Portsmouth.  What a great time!  I had my lovely friend/assistant Molly helping me out.  We joked prior to the show, as she posted her Facebook status: "Channeling my inner Whitney Port". HAHA!  I then commented and said, "Can I please be Roxy?!" - Molly was quick to answer with, "No Dana, you're KELLY CUTRONE!"  Ughh! Why do I have to be Kelly?  Im not THAT old!  I heart you Molly ;-)

Anywhoo, it went very well, despite the hot dressing room.  This weeks show was a tad different.  Rather than having 5 shops showcasing their fashion, Concetta's Closet was in the SPOTLIGHT!  The fine ladies and gents over at Iron Heart Circus asked if they could peek in my closet and have a grab at some of our vintage lingerie for their Vixen Variety show they were performing that night.  And how awesome they all looked!  Veronica Pepper aka Crissy and the rest of the gang were awesome!  What a show!  Im super jealous of all their perfectly toned and limber bodies.  Check out these photos taken by the ever so talented Erik Ralston:

Our vintage/girdle complete with bullet boobies! Looked AMAZING on her!!

The lovely Ariel in a cute new dress, not yet listed!

Adorable Daniele in a slinky LBD with 50s sparkly pumps..

The bearded lady wore our vintage slip

Caitlin in a gorgeous gown
Christina is wearing a new vintage mocha nightgown and robe..

Angela looks stunning in this 80s cocktail dress!

What a great bunch of events these people throw.  If youre in the Seacoast area or anywhere in the Boston Metro area, you should totally check one out!  Good music, a good crowd and good fun!

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