Sunday, August 28, 2011

Concetta's Closet is Looking for Models!

With some recent events (models moving, starting college, etc) - I have been put in the position of needing to hire on a few new models.

While I know that modeling for little old me isnt anything glamorous or anything - its fun!
Plus, there are so many perks (to be discussed later)

Here is what I need from you:
  • be polished, stylish and put together
  • be a size 4 or smaller (this has nothing to do with being a size-ish, but more so because its easier to pin larger clothes to a smaller model - rather than hiring several models for every size of clothing)
  • be a seacoast NH area resident
  • be available one day a week - during daytime hours - for at least 2hr
  • be dependable, reliable and serious (this is a paid freelance position - you will also have access to all photos if requested as well as a shop discount)
  • love vintage, love style, love vintage style!
  • Please send me a message via facebook with the following information
- Name
- Age
- Location
- Height/Measurements (Bust/Waist/Hips)
- Prior Modeling Experience (none is necessary, but if you have some, lemme know!)
- Anything else youd like to add :)

There are THREE model slots open - I need to fill all three in the next week or two.



  1. Hi,
    I am a size 0 to size 1 and I love, love, love vintage AND I am a brand spankin' new resident of Dover! I am going to stop by tomorrow to discuss! April McLeod

  2. good luck on your model hunt!I'm excited to see the new shots in your etsy shop,love your shop =)