Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Spring/Summer Picks

Its coming...soon.  Spring and Summer.  This means no more boots, no more socks and tons of cute and sexy shoes.  I heart shoes.  As well as lightweight fabrics and not having to constantly drag a coat around.  Not to mention, that gross salt that gets all over everything, like your car - and my floor here in the shop!  UGH!  Ive never washed a floor so many times in one week!!

I never considered myself a fashionista in any way, but I know how to put things together that work well.  At least I think so.  I checked out a few fashion magazines, which I rarely do, and saw that there is going to be a HUGE trend in PRINTS!!  I adore prints, of every kind.  Check out Harpers Bazaar's Spring 2011 Trends and all of the amazing prints that were on the runway!  Not only that, but people are MIXING prints.  This is awesome!  I love the unconventional trend that is starting.  Not everything is matchy/matchy and sterile looking. Have a gander at a few examples:

Another look I am very excited to see coming is Lingerie as Daywear!  I was that girl, back in high school, that wore old slips as dresses, paired with a great pair of boots and a denim jacket with lots and lots of pearls!  I have to say, this is my favorite trend!  And Im not a trendy person at all!  Take a peek of these runway looks:

And lastly - here are a few of my favorite lingerie pieces from some kickass Etsy vintage sellers:

50s Aqua Babydoll Nightie From: Shrinkle

70s Coral Nightgown From: Nimabrego

50s Mint Green Full Lace Slip From: REiNVINTAGE

70s Floral Purple Slip/Nightgown From: FluffyPinkBunnies



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