Saturday, November 13, 2010

Look What I Found - 11/13/10

This is the first of my new blog subject - Look What I Found.  I will be taking one person a day (lets hope!) that comes into my shop with cute and unique style - asking them a series of questions and taking a photo of them!  Here we go!

Name: Cayla Reddington

Age:  17

Current City/Town:  Newmarket, NH

What do you do:  School

Currently, your favorite piece of clothing is, and why:  Denim Jacket - comfy and goes with everything.

Currently, what song/band are you in love with:  Across the Universe - The Beatles!

What are you wearing and where did you get it from:  
White Lace Dress - Forever21
Pink Oversized Cardigan - Forever21
Black Tights - American Apparel 
Black Combat Boots - City Shoes, Portsmouth NH

What did you eat for breakfast this morning:  420 @ Big Bean, SO DELICIOUS!

Are you dating anyone right now? Married? Single? Give the dish:  Single.

Three words to describe Dana of Concetta's Closet:  Trendy, Fun, Awesome.

Thanks you Cayla! :)

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