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Interview with Candiceann - MAC Makeup Artist

When I was planning my my wedding, here in New Hampshire - I was living in NYC still.  I was desperate to find a MAC artist to do my makeup for my wedding.  Why?  They know it all, they have the best products and I mean...who wouldnt want a face full of amazing MAC makeup on their special day?!  I was lucky to find Candiceann Iannaco - She is an artist at the MAC counter in Macys, in Salem NH.  I called the store and made them give me their best artists phone number, so I could make an appointment for a makeover.  After I met Candiceann and she gave me a gorgeous makeover - I was sold.  I booked her for my wedding, where she also did the makeup for several others in my wedding party.  Shes amazing, hands down.  So I asked her to answer some questions about MAC, makeup trends and some stuff I really think you all would love to know!

Candiceann applying my MAC Red Lipstick and Redd Lipliner

CC:  How did you start doing makeup for MAC - and what keeps you doing it today?

Candiceann:  I started with MAC right after September 11, 2001. I was an American Airlines Flight Attendant that was too close to it all that morning and I just needed to take a leave. Luckily, they were just opening the counter at the Rockingham Park Mall in Salem NH. I got hired on after an intense interview and a makeup application interview with a regional trainer. While I had no real professional training, I was in art classes all my life and had a fierce addiction to makeup. While the airline industry changed in a more negative way, MAC Cosmetics continues to grow and recreate itself over and over. Its an inspiring company to be a part of. I seriously cannot imagine working with another cosmetic line!

CC:  What make-up looks never go out of style? Which ones need to go away never come back?!

Candiceann:  Hands down, the "smokey eye" is the most common request. Its a look that will never go out of style. Also the winged out eyeliner. And while a nude lip is always a 'go to' for most women, the classic red lip will never go out of style. It just takes some women a little more courage to wear it! - The past makeup style that most sticks out in my head that must never come back is the darker outlined lip with the lighter lipstick. I still see that "hot" look of the 90s and want to run to their rescue! One other common look that I try to get people to gravitate from is the black liner solely in the lower rim of the eye. This look pulls the eye down. If you must wear the black liner in the lower rim, balance it with black liner up on the upper lash line. This also helps the lashes to appear fuller.

Every girl should have a glass of wine - and a makeup artist, on their wedding day!

CC:  What are your five "Go-To" products, and why?

1. Prep & Prime Skin - A silica based product that smoothes out the skins surface, has subtle light diffusers, which make the skin appear flawless and gives your makeup a foundation to stick to, so that it lasts longer on the skin. It also helps to absorb excess oils.

2. Studio Fix Fluid Foundation - lightweight feeling, yet the coverage is amazing. I dont even use concealer with this foundation!

3. Studio Fix Foundation Powder - I wear this to set my liquid foundation, although it can be worn alone. Once again, amazing coverage for a powder. I like to 'set' this with our Fix + spray.

4. Stubborn Brown Powerpoint Eye Pencil - I love this waterproof eyeliner because of its staying power and because the color is dark enough, yet not harsh like black appears.

5. All That Glitters Eyeshadow - This is a veluxe pearl finish neutral shadow that goes with everything you can think of. I even like to wear it as a highlight on the tops of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and a smidge on the upper lip.

CC:  What is your favorite non-MAC product?

Candiceann:  My favorite non-MAC product is makeup at all. It Noodle & Boo's Glowology Sugar Mama Honey Scrub & The Balm. Makes my skin so smooth and glowing!

CC:  What are a few basic makeup products every woman should own?

Candiceann:  Every woman should own a dark brown/black eyeliner, an amazing mascara like MAC's Falselash, a powder or pencil to fill in the brow and foundation or tinted moisturizer with an SPF in it. I could go on, but you asked for just a few basic products!

CC:  Your top looks/trends for Spring/Summer 2012

Candiceann:  Soft washes of color on all areas of the face are trending for spring summer this year. Various shades of pink, peaches and bronzes. Even the brighter more neon shades are wearable when worn more sheered out. And, as always, skin is always in for spring/summer trend. The least amount of product is where its at. A tinted moisturizer with SPF and a touch of bronzer are always the freshest way to enjoy the warmer temps.

So thats it ladies!  There you have it!  Thank you Candiceann for your time and all of your amazing info!  I cant wait to hit up MAC! - And for those of you who want to have Candiceann make you beautiful for your wedding day or even a photo shoot - you can contact her HERE! -

 The finished product - on my wedding day!

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  1. great interview, Dana.. and I LOVE your wedding photographs - you're beautiful :)